Greenfields Agreement Fair Work Act

If two or more employers are negotiators for the agreement, the notice has no effect unless the other employer or employer accepts the disclosure. When a proposed agreement on a business is an agreement in the green prairie, an employer who is a negotiator of the agreement can make a written communication: if it is a site, the green meadow refers to a site of a company where there has not previously been a building or to a company operating in a market where there has been no previous activity. (f) by the employer or employer concerned, with each of the workers` organizations that were the negotiators of the agreement; and at trial, the Commission approved CPB Contractors (Victoria) Civil Framework Agreement 2017 (Agreement) of CPB Contractors P/L (CPB), which was concluded following the merger of the construction divisions of Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd and Thiess Pty Ltd and the Australian Labour Union. (d) the majority of workers from at least one of the employers who voted validly approved the agreement; NUW approached full bench of the Commission on the grounds that the Commission had erred in finding that the agreement was an agreement of Greenfields, since the agreement did not meet the legal criteria. NUW submitted that the distribution centres, which were to be covered by the agreement, were already performing distribution functions prior to the agreement and that the people employed by HP Distribution were already working as store people at that time. After hearing new evidence and observations from NUW and other evidence from the other parties (including the finding that the staff working on the site were casual workers who should not be covered by the agreement and that one of the distribution centres was only prepared for future work), Full Bench confirmed the Commission`s original decision. After review, the Commission found that the delivery of the set of work entrusted by the joint venture`s partners to design and construction had begun until 9 November 2018, both in the planning and construction sectors.