Section 104 Agreement South West Water

A smooth design and submission process often means that sewers are easier to accept and that attachment to the developer can be reduced – often leading to a faster and more cost-effective construction program. For water management strategies to be successfully approved and for an agreement to be reached under Section 104, it is important to assess the needs of each site in order to provide the optimal solution. Although experienced engineer consultants are more than capable of creating appropriate system designs, the best results are often ensured by proactive application discussions prior to Section 104 between developers, local authorities and water management specialists. The newly elected Conservative government has committed to creating 275,000 affordable housing units by 2020. In this context, the volume of applications for section 104 agreements is expected to increase exponentially. To avoid delays and additional costs for their projects, developers need to consider drainage planning and make important decisions – including material selection – as soon as possible. In the case of surface water emissions into a river or other stream as a result of a fall, the resident is required to provide legal facilities to the southern water. If the developer is the waterfront resident and is already making a de-release declaration with Southern Water regarding the installation of sewers on land that must remain private, the entry fee may be included in the issuance declaration. Otherwise, the resident must take grant action to grant a right to spill into the river or other water protection in the case of the case.

It is the developer`s responsibility to guarantee these rights before they are adopted. If the river or other stream is in the control of an agency such as a port authority, although the developer may have obtained the port authority`s approval for the construction of the work, Southern Water will also need legal facilities, as it has no legal authority to unload the case.