Sydney Theatre Company Enterprise Agreement

The Sydney Theatre Company is actively engaged in the challenge and correction of harassment and harassment in the workplace. We have worked with many peer companies in Australia to prevent and end sexual harassment, abuse and predatory behaviour in our theatres and in the wider industry. Earlier this year, the STC participated in the first Safe Theatres Forum, attended by 47 participants from across Australia, who together participated in a lasting cultural change in the theatre sector in that country. One of the outcomes of the meeting was an agreement between nine major Australian theatre companies to work together to standardize working policies and procedures across the sector. We believe this will help to reinforce familiarity and comfort with appropriate workplace behaviours, procedures and support services among the many independent artists working at the national level in our sector. Our HR team conducts wellness sessions and specialized support initiatives throughout the organization. We offer a comprehensive employee assistance program that provides independent and confidential advice to all STC employees. Mental health training is currently being introduced throughout the STC company. This action is only available to our members. Please log in to use the favorite feature. You will also find press releases, member releases, reports, submissions and governance documents. Search with the filters or scroll through the list, which is grouped in alphabetical order. You are invited to register if the selected resource is limited to members.

This content is only available to our members. Please log in to download this resource. If you are not currently related to a member, you can find out here if your organization is becoming a member. Our vast collection of resources is here to help you navigate the complexity of the regulatory landscape of employment. As a large Australian arts organization, we have a responsibility to our citizens and our industry. Through this commitment to the well-being of our employees, as well as the continuous improvement of our processes, policies and support initiatives, STC strives to create a job without harassment. STC is a member of the Confederation of Australian State Theatres (CAST). Together with our partners, we issued this statement on Friday, November 3, 2017 on the subject of our sector: harassment and harassment are unacceptable in all workplaces and everywhere.