Subject Verb Agreement Exercise for Class 8 with Answers

Subject-verb agreement is an essential grammar concept that every class 8 student must learn. It refers to the proper matching of subjects with their corresponding verbs in terms of number. In other words, it is the agreement between the singular or plural form of the subject and its corresponding verb. For instance, if the subject is singular, then the verb should be singular; if the subject is plural, then the verb should be plural.

It is crucial to understand subject-verb agreement because it helps in creating clear and concise sentences, which are an essential aspect of effective communication. Moreover, it is a common error committed by students while writing, and it can lead to confusion in the reader`s mind. Therefore, it is essential to practice subject-verb agreement exercises to improve your writing skills.

Here is a set of subject-verb agreement exercises for class 8 students with answers:

Exercise 1: Choose the correct verb form to complete the sentence

1. The group of boys ________ (is, are) going to the park.

Answer: is

2. Neither of the two options _____ (is, are) viable.

Answer: is

3. The herd of cows ________ (is, are) grazing in the field.

Answer: is

4. The team of players ______ (has, have) won the match.

Answer: have

5. The collection of books ________ (has, have) been donated by the library.

Answer: has

6. The staff _____ (is, are) working on a new project.

Answer: is

7. The pair of shoes _______ (is, are) too tight for me.

Answer: is

8. A number of students _______ (is, are) absent today.

Answer: are

9. Everybody ________ (is, are) excited for the school trip.

Answer: is

10. The group of tomatoes ________ (needs, need) water.

Answer: needs

Exercise 2: Rewrite the sentences with the correct subject-verb agreement

1. The class have a test today.

Answer: The class has a test today.

2. My family are planning a vacation.

Answer: My family is planning a vacation.

3. The group of students are talking in the library.

Answer: The group of students is talking in the library.

4. The pair of shoes need to be replaced.

Answer: The pair of shoes needs to be replaced.

5. The staff are attending a conference next week.

Answer: The staff is attending a conference next week.

6. One of the students have lost their textbook.

Answer: One of the students has lost his/her textbook.

7. A lot of money are spent on advertising.

Answer: A lot of money is spent on advertising.

8. The collection of paintings are impressive.

Answer: The collection of paintings is impressive.

9. All of the food on the table taste delicious.

Answer: All of the food on the table tastes delicious.

10. Either the red or the blue car are available for rent.

Answer: Either the red or the blue car is available for rent.

In conclusion, practicing subject-verb agreement exercises will help class 8 students to improve their writing skills and avoid common grammar errors. It is essential to understand this concept thoroughly to communicate effectively and clearly. By mastering subject-verb agreement, students will be able to write better sentences, essays, and reports, which will serve them well in their academic and professional careers.