Bc Partnership Agreement Caribou

According to the government, the number of caribou in the province has increased from 40,000 to 15,000. The number of mountaineers in the south has fallen to less than 3,100 and the central group that this agreement aims to protect has fallen to 230. […] Given the pioneering partnership agreement signed in February 2020 between West Moberly and Saulteau First Nations, British Columbia and […] […] Of two treaties 8 First Nations, West Moberly and Saulteau, have signed an agreement in British Columbia and Canada to protect and restore caribou in northeastern B.C. The agreement protects approximately 7,500 square kilometers, including a new […] 2. We assume that Canada and British Columbia will be able to enter into a bilateral conservation agreement under Section 11 of the Species at Risk Act regarding the restoration of Southern Mountain Caribou in BC (the “Bilateral”). 60. The parties agree to do everything in their power to resolve disputes with respect and efficiency. “Our members will continue to work with the government, the West, Le Saulteau and other member states to support the successful implementation of the agreements and to ensure that planned and existing mining projects continue to bring economic benefits to the region and the province as a whole.” Identify, develop and implement caribou land use promotion objectives that contribute to the common recovery goal set out in Section 1 of the Partnership Agreement and must be considered by BC Province in light of its contribution to caribou recovery and the potential economic impact on communities. 58.

In order to improve security, Canada must preside over its applicable policy for the development and negotiation of funding agreements, including those that may arise in the event of additional funding applications from the Canada Nature Fund. Once the TWG has agreed to the measures (or a series of appropriate measures), the TWG may submit the proposed measures and related information to an independent expert with recognized caribou qualifications for mutual review and advice. Friday`s agreement, which has been under negotiation for more than two years, supports the existing conservation and reconstruction efforts of the West Moberly and Saulteau First Nations. […] The road is to support indigenous-led initiatives and proposals for conservation, such as the partnership agreement signed this year to protect two million hectares of Caribou ha…. By speaking out, you can contribute to the wild places, animals and landscapes we all love […] “This agreement further undermines the management area and harms an industry that is essential to the economy of the provinces and municipalities throughout B.C,” he said. Jonathan Wilkinson, federal minister for the environment and climate change, said the agreement had cost a lot of work. Chief Cameron concluded: “We are helping caribou people recover and we are protecting our culture. It works, and there is nothing to fear, the sky does not fall. Y2Y praises all parties for making significant progress in the Peace River area in the recovery of caribou, a species that has declined sharply after decades of mismanagement and the failure of B.C.

and Canada to comply with the Species at Risk Act. “First Nations have been successfully leading the recovery of caribou in the area in recent years.